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  • CCSIP 2017 Report:  The CCSIP website is now updated through 2015.  This report was delayed by the introduction of ICD-10-CM coding in October 2015.  The ICD-10 codes are somewhat more intuitive and granular and hopefully will allow correction of the procedure counts for PCI.  See below for graphics of surgical volumes. 
  • CASTS launched an effort to update SB 680, the law that created the California CABG Outcomes Reporting Program (CCORP).  On March 9, 2016 Dr. Junaid Khan, President of CASTS, announced that CASTS will spearhead an effort to expand the public reporting law to included PCI and valve procedures.  Support of cardiac surgeons and heart hospitals, as well as other stakeholders, was requested.  A notice was sent to all CA surgeons currently included in the CCORP reports. This was met with a lukewarm response, but a plan to expand reporting using OSHPD data is being developed. The plan is described on the surgeons tab above. 

  • CCSIP 2015 Report: CABG, Valve and PCI outcomes updated through 2014, TAVR volumes now included-- CCSIP Website

  • Regional 2013-2014 Cardiac Surgery and PCI volume data (see graphics below) —  

  • CCSIP Registration Information —  CCSIP login page

  • Defining Operative Mortality--presentation at Western Thoracic Surgical Association meeting in June 2015 —  Manuscript draft

Direct links to regional reports on cardiac surgery and interventions in California (hover cursor over hearts).

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2012-2013 REGIONAL REPORTS (surgery and PCI)










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